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Here at Forza Bahrain Racing, we are pure believers that all drivers are talented in a way, What we do is delivers the highest standard of kart training to youth across the nation, while providing a pathway to professional motorsport careers. FBR will be a natural feeder  for Rotax Max Challange or the Sodi World series. The FBR program has been designed and  overseen by very experienced and multiple championship winning drivers and coaches.  In this program we focus on performance while maintaining a personal approach to driver coaching. We train and coach drivers to achieve excellence. Our team works towards our drivers goals, focusing on strengths and addressing weaknesses to help each driver to improve performance. All track sessions start with a comprehensive track walk. Drivers are supported throughout the day by data analysis (via Mychron data systems). We also analyse GoPro footage of each session to improve speed and race craft. Each driver also benefits from their mechanic

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