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Dear Parents,

On behalf of Forza Bahrain Racing, We are delighted to announce the dates for 2020.

Every Day, BIKC provides multiple sessions on the track, therefore up to 4x15-minute driving sessions and 4x15-minute practical in the Forza Racing Academy tent. This means that from the outset your child will be absorbed in the most adrenaline filled and unique after school activity in Bahrain.

During the next two months drivers will work their way through to master race craft and develop into a future racer.

Over at Forza Bahrain Racing we provide all the necessary safety and racing equipment included within this plan. Our state-of-the-art tent is fully equipped with air conditioning, water coolers and a seating place to get a break before going back to the training sessions. Shorts and T-shirts are okay, but closed toe trainers and socks are essential. 


Driver Restrictions:

Level One is open to beginners above the age of 5 years

Level Two is open to racers who have completed Level One FBR Course or if aged 10+


Course Outline:

Forza Bahrain Racing will provide special unique learning opportunities throughout the course to help them on their journey to becoming a race driver this includes:


  • Rules and guidelines on how to drive safely and stay safe in a kart.

  • Karting Basics i.e. Seating posture, Steering wheel

  • Structured racing tuition with experts to guarantee reduced lap times, which includes teaching racing lines, breaking points.

  • Understanding how the kart works

  • hands-on mechanical knowledge

Academy  Level 1

A pure and basic introduction to driving skills and experience.

  • Holding steering wheel in a correct manner.

  • Racing lines on different circuit configurations, understanding apexes, braking points.

  • Direction and detail of each corner.

Academy  Level 2

A More comprehensive introduction to a race craft where drivers will start to develop advanced racing skills 

  • Overtaking


  • Defending their position, whilst optimizing consistency and smoothness on track.


  • The karting coaches will implement race discipline by encouraging drivers only to overtake on certain corners, so drivers gain confidence and master overtaking techniques.

  • The drivers will be taught to perfect the corners more frequently, before advancing onto another part of the track. This will provide more beneficial lessons to the drivers.

Academy Level 1 & 2: Text
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